Now, membership has new privileges.

What are the benefits of joining a trade association, a professional organization, a credit union? Now, members of your organization – both prospective and ongoing – have a new reason to feel good about being part of your community. And it’s a service they’ll appreciate, quite likely, for a lifetime.

Introducing myKlovr. The online educational and career resource for the 21st century.


For your adult members, it’s a platform for pursuing lifelong educational opportunity that can sustain and enhance their worklives, add to their credentials and skillsets, spark their development as individuals and spin their careers in positive new directions.
For their kids, it’s an empowering tool, available 24/7, to help them think and plan for the future and optimize their chances for admission to colleges, vocational and technical programs. Starting as early as the 9th grade, myKlovr is an online coach, guidance counselor and resource library, all in one.
For organizations, myKlovr displays your thoughtful commitment to the well-being of members and their families, by offering them an innovative and highly relevant level of benefits. In turn, it helps increase membership – and your members’ enduring commitment, engagement and loyalty.

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