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Start recruiting your next generation workforce TODAY.


MyKlovr delivers a scalable solution designed to reach your target audience and deliver better matched candidates. 

More data allows

us to deliver:

  • Better qualified leads
  • Improved performance
  • Decreased turnover 
  • Increased retention
  • Quicker time to hire

Meet your next Employee of the Month

Identify and engage early career job seekers, authentically communicate with Millennials and Gen Z, and reach out directly to students with industry and employment opportunities.


Build a list of the positions your organization needs to fill and leave the rest to the myKlovr team. 


MyKlovr uses job affinity tests, behavioral analytics, personality scores, and more data points than any other platform. 


After testing, myKlovr will share qualified leads with your organization and help develop your next generation workforce.

We look beyond the resume.

We deliver better talent by using behavioral analytics

and data to identify the best fit candidates.

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