5 Ways to Make New Friends in Your College During the First Few Weeks

August 26, 2016

By myKlovr

Making friends when a new semester starts can be a challenge for most students. If this is the case for you, you are not alone.

So, let’s find out 5 ways to make new friends in your college!

1.Attend Welcoming Parties And Events In the First Few Weeks

Every start of the semester, there are welcoming parties at colleges. It is the best time to go to events, improve your networking skills and make new friends. After a few weeks past by, you will be overwhelmed with assignments, quizzes and midterms. So, try to make new friends at the beginning of the new semester, so that you can hang out during the semester and build your friendship throughout the semester.

So, let’s say you are at the welcoming party, and you do not know anyone there. Here are 3 tips on starting the conversation at the events.

Smile: Yes, smile and start walking around the event. You will see some groups of friends having a great time talking to each other, or you will see some students walking alone. So, who should you first talk to? You should first talk to someone who is approachable and friendly.

Someone who is approachable: Find someone who you seems very friendly and start the conversation. There is a chance that you will find the conversation very interesting. If so, you should ask if you can follow on his or her social media such as Facebook, Instagram or Snapchat, which is the most trending social media platform recently. If this is not the case, and you cannot connect with that person, move on to the another person. If you can make just one new friend at the event, that’s totally fine!

Join Student Clubs: Most welcoming events have student clubs that are trying to get new members. This is a great time to look for the student clubs that you are interested in. Ask about what the club stands for and how to join the clubs. If you find someone who explained you all about the club, and someone who is very friendly, try to get a contact information from that person. Next day when you get to the college, drop by at the student club’s room, and say hello to that person!

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2.Join The Student Club’s Facebook Group Page

Most student clubs have Facebook group where they announce their upcoming events. By joining Facebook Groups, you will stay up to date with events in school and student trips. It is also a great way to learn about the student club, and you can add the club members and leaders on social media.

3.Try To Work Out At The School’s Gym

A lot of people tend to get shy when going to school gym. However, school’s gym is one of the best place to make new friends at college. Everyone has the same goal of getting in shape and loosing that stubborn fat. Why not work out with your new friend or make some new friends while trying to be fit and healthy!

4.Sign Up For Tutoring Sessions 

Tutoring center is the best way to make new friends with Tutors. You can also go there together with your classmate. Not every tutor will be a match with you or will be able to explain to you the way you like. So, try to go to different tutors, evaluate how they teach, and stick with the tutor that you like the most.

Ask to recommend great professors: Who would be better than the tutors to ask about their experiences with the classes they have taken. So, you can ask your tutor about their favorite classes and professors.

Built the relationship with the tutor in your major: College is the great time to start building your networks in the industry that you are majoring in. So, let’s say you are studying marketing and you have your favorite tutor who helps with marketing assignments. You should start building the relationship with them because once you graduate from college, you might want to ask for great advices and referrals from him/her. Read this related article about Myklovr’s top 8 tips for finding a job after you graduate

5.Form A Study Group 

Your semester lasts only for four months. How should you make the most out of it? By talking to your classmates, forming study groups, and hanging out with the classmates after the class, or after the study group. Some benefits of studying in a group include improving your communication skills, leadership skills and negotiation skills.

Now that you have learned about 5 different places that you can make new friends in your college, why not share this post with your friends. Leave a comment below, ask any questions, and visit our website at myKlovr.com.

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