Back to School: Fall 2021 Edition

September 8, 2021

Like educators throughout the nation, we are myKlovr are disheartened that the COVID-19 pandemic continues to negatively impact K-12 education. We also know that uncertainly around returning to school this fall is doing no favors for college-bound high school students.

To meet this challenge, myKlovr is providing a specialized back-to-school blog post aimed at high school upperclassmen navigating the college admissions process. Over the following paragraphs, we’ll look at what you can do in the final days of summer break to make the transition back to school (and getting ready for college) as smooth as possible.

For Juniors

Okay, rising juniors, time to live up to your status as upperclassmen. Here’s what you can do to get the year off on the right foot and prepare for college admissions success.

Grow Your myKlovr Network 

If you haven’t done so already, invite your new teachers to join your myKlovr support network. You don’t have to invite them all, but perhaps just those instructing your favorite subjects. After all, if you excel in their class, you’ll likely go back to them for a recommendation letter next year.

Research ACT/SAT Test Dates

Fall 2021 isn’t too early to take the ACT or SAT for the first time. And since it’s early, you have the option to take the test without preparing first. Consider this test your ‘trial run,’ providing you with a baseline score you can improve through test prep.

Review Your myKlovr Success Plan

Your personalized myKlovr success plan isn’t set in stone. You can make changes, but before doing so, please consult trusted adults in your support network. After all, you’ll be working toward these goals over the next two years.

For Seniors

Double Check Deadlines

Use myKlovr to double-check admissions deadlines for colleges on your shortlist. Although very unlikely, dates may have changed over summer break.

Schedule Retests 

If you need to retake the ACT or SAT, the time to sign up is now. Make sure that score reports will arrive at schools you apply to before any application deadlines pass, as well.

Start Thinking About Recommendation Letters

You’ll be asking for college recommendation letters in a few weeks. Take this time to do two things. First, consider which of your previous teachers would best represent you to an admission counselor. Second, create a resume highlighting your accomplishments throughout high school. It will help jog your teachers’ memories, allowing them to write the best letter possible.

All Around Good Advice

No matter which grade you’re entering this year, here’s a little advice for all high school students preparing for the fall semester.

Keep Your Peers, Teachers, and Self Safe

There’s a lot of little things we can do this fall to reduce COVID-19 transmission in schools. Wearing a mask and getting vaccinated are the most important. But keep an eye on how you feel. Needless to say, anyone feeling under the weather shouldn’t be in a school building right now. Don’t ‘power through’ it because you’re worried about falling behind. Staying home keeps everyone safe.

Check Your myKlovr Account Regularly

Getting the most out of myKlovr means logging on a regular basis. Doing so ensures you remain in contact with the people in your support networks, keep up to date with your personalized goals, and review the latest changes concerning colleges on your application shortlist.

Final Thoughts

Fall 2021 will bring new and familiar challenges to rising upperclassmen. The ones we’ve discussed today are just some that you might encounter over the next few weeks. If the unexpected should happen, be sure to reach out to your myKlovr network for advice.

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