Consider Your Safety Schools Carefully – You May End Up At One

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My daughter never thought she’d end up accepting at her safety school, but she has. It’s the first school we looked at over two years ago. It’s the one she said she’d never go to. And it’s the same one she applied to at the very last minute before the January first deadline hit.

So how did she wind up there and are other students making similar choices? In her case, she got into her reach school, but was given no merit or financial aid making it impossible to afford. And she has so many friends in similar situations.

The safety schools tend to be the schools the student definitely gets into. The student’s GPA will most likely be higher than the average GPA of accepted students, so there is a good chance student will be offered merit money at their safety schools. Safety schools could also include state schools or junior colleges.

With private schools averaging around $70,000 per year, the reality of affording one is daunting. My daughter and some of her friends had to think long and hard about whether student or family debt was worth it. It was a hard lesson for my daughter, but when she realized the cost to our family and that she had a younger brother who would be going to go to college soon, she chose her school more or less for financial reasons.

I know she never imagined herself at the school she will end up in, but she is getting increasing more excited now that her final decision has been made. She also sees a lot of her friends making similar choices and feels proud that she is making this choice too. The school she has chosen is a great school and I think more suited for her than her reach school. She knows transferring is an option and she will keep that in her mind as she begins her journey. She confided in me the other day that she had been worried if we spent the money on her reach school and it didn’t work out, she would have felt horrible. $70,000 a year is a lot of responsibility to place on an eighteen year-old.

My advice is to be careful when selecting your safety schools. Visit them and fall in love with them as you would your reach school. It’s kind of like dating. You can fall in love a couple of times, but the one you settle down with might never have been the one you thought you’d be with initially. Maybe at eighteen they don’t realize this either. Here’s a list to the Top Safety Schools By State from to start dreaming about.

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