How myKlovr Complements Traditional College and Career Preparation

May 5, 2023

As a high school teacher, you want your students to graduate career or college ready. You’re likely doing much more than what your school requires, including critiquing college admissions essays and speaking with family members about college/career planning.

But you’re just one person, and sometimes you must recommend outside resources to your students and their families. In this article, we’ll look at how myKlovr complements traditional college and career preparation programs. By the time you’ve finished reading, you’ll have a deeper understanding of how our service can help learners graduate confident to tackle their lives’ next chapters.

Standardized Testing

Many public school districts require high school students to take the ACT or SAT at least once. Unfortunately, it’s a milestone some learners don’t take seriously, as there is no minimum score they must meet. Also, many colleges are becoming test-optional for admissions, putting less emphasis on performance.

You already know that a good score means more than a better shot at college admissions. It’s also a great advantage when applying for some scholarships. myKlovr makes this benefit apparent to users by using their scores (e.g., the result of the state- or district-mandated ACT/SAT) to recommend appropriate colleges and financial aid opportunities.

Turning a number into a list of options can be an eye-opening experience for your students. Some may realize that their opportunities may be limited and should retake the test after studying (i.e., myKlovr helps users develop a personalized study plan.). Others may discover that they’re already competitive for admissions and aid, letting them focus on other areas of college preparation.

Personal Finance

We don’t have to tell you that following a budget is tough work, even for responsible adults. The equation becomes even more frustrating when you throw student loans into the mix. Also, your school’s personal finance classes may not emphasize financial aid and student loan management skills.

That’s why myKlovr includes comprehensive financial aid planning tools aimed at helping users avoid debt. Students receive the latest personal finance advice and links to top outside resources. No longer will they or their families be scratching their heads when they sit down to fill out the FAFSA or research private scholarship opportunities.

Common Application

If filling out the Common App is required at your school, myKlovr can turn the process from a chore into a meaningful exercise, even for seniors planning for a career.

Filling out basic information is easy enough, but some learners may struggle with the essay. myKlovr assists in the essay writing process with the support network. Users may send a draft to you or another trusted adult for critiques. A back-and-forth conversation among network members helps students improve their writing skills, a necessity for college and career.

The myKlovr academic/extracurricular portfolio assists students with the Common App, as well. Learners may use the accomplishments (e.g., good test score/research paper/commendation, etc.) stored in this digital folder for essay inspiration. This convenient tool ensures users do not lose what makes them unique college or job applicants.

Final Thoughts

 No matter how well-researched or implemented, your school’s college and career preparation programs may not work for every student. myKlovr lets you assist learners in need with a complementary set of tools and resources.

Please visit our website or contact us at for more information. We look forward to answering your questions and helping your students graduate college or career ready.

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