How myKlovr Helps Underserved Students Engage With College Planning

May 5, 2023

A recent survey has unveiled some troubling statistics regarding underserved students’ perceptions of education after high school. Although over 80% of these learners feel pressure to attend college, nearly half consider higher education unnecessary. Others report that supporting themselves financially right out of high school is their number one priority.

As a counselor, you know that some underserved students want nothing more than to escape toxic social and family environments the moment they graduate. For them, entering the workforce provides a means of escape. However, the financial and emotional stability they seek requires more than a high school diploma.

In this article, we’ll briefly look at the current trends affecting underserved students before diving into how myKlovr can help these learners bridge the gap between high school and some form of continuing education.

Serving the Underserved

We at myKlovr don’t have to tell you that offering even the best remedies to underserved high school students isn’t enough. These young people’s life experiences have turned them off from higher education and left them with a feeling of resignation. Other feelings of powerless and resentment only worsen their future prospects. What they’re lacking can be summed up in a single word:


Yes, underserved high school students lack agency, and not just because of their status as minors. Adults like you telling them what to do (e.g., “You must attend a good college to get ahead.”) their entire lives have turned them off from even the best future-planning advice.

So, let’s put agency back into their hands.

How myKlovr Encourages Agency

We built with myKlovr with students’ agency mind. Users’ responses to academic and personal surveys let us get to know their interests, needs, and areas of improvement. We use this information to recommend:

  • A manageable list of potential colleges/careers
  • An action plan to help them become a stronger college/job applicant
  • Financial aid resources that will help them avoid debt

Another way we help users build agency is letting them modify the academic goals/action plan we offer. Even a well-trained artificial intelligence won’t know your students perfectly, and their preferences will likely change throughout their four years in high school. With just a few keystrokes, your students can make changes and feel more confident in their futures.

How You Can Still Help Students in Need

Even students with agency will still need your help, perhaps a little, perhaps a lot. That’s where the myKlovr support network comes in.

The support network has three essential features. It lets you:

  • Review students’ goals and college/career recommendations.
  • See which students are having trouble reaching their goals.
  • Provide advice/encouragement students will see on their myKlovr account.

A support network includes trusted adults students select, such as their parents/guardians, teachers, and counselors. The support network also acts as an informal team that can use myKlovr to collaborate on solutions to users’ unique problems/issues/etc.

Final Thoughts

Underserved students face a set of unique challenges that no one service like myKlovr can solve fully. Helping learners in need still requires the human touch only you can provide. But with myKlovr, you can give your learners a new set of tools to build motivation and agency.

Please visit us at or contact us directly at for more information. We look forward to partnering with you, your students, and your school.

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