How to Prepare for an Entry Level Position Interview | Recent Graduate

September 11, 2016

By myKlovr

Are you fresh out of college and looking for some interview tips on how to get your favorite job?  Great! You are on the right track, let’s see how you can prepare for your Entry Level position interview.

1. Be yourself

Interviews are very intimidating and nerve-racking. However, there is one tip that is very helpful to go through the stress. Be yourself and try to recall your past experience. Give some time before the actual interview day just to refresh your memories on your former jobs. This is really going to give you confident to explain clearly to the interview about your past experience. Remember, the interview does not know you and does not know exactly what you did in your past job. So, it is very important to explain clearly what you did and how you did.

2. Know the insights and the results of your former job

Most of the interviewers ask: So, tell me about the insights, results or any achievement that you did in the previous job.

In order to know the insights and the results, you should start preparing while you are in the previous job or previous internship. For example, if you are helping a marketing team with customer acquisition, you might want to know how many new customers were you able to acquire. You can do so by asking your supervisor or keeping track in your journal.

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3. Read the job description carefully before you go in for an interview

Read and analyze what the job description is and what the company is looking for. Note down what skills are they looking for? What kind of software, tools or things that are required for this position. In case you do not know some of the descriptions, you can do some research about it and prepare to ask some questions to the interviewer.

4. Wear something professional and also clean

Yes, It is very important to wear something that is not overdressed or underdressed. The best way to wear for an entry level position is to wear black dress with plain design and great length for ladies, and a nice shirt and some black pants for gentlemen.

5. Be optimistic, and it is okay for you to say “I don’t know”

There is a chance that you might not know the answer for some questions because you have just graduated. It is okay to say you don’t know and ask politely to explain more about the things that you do not know. It shows that you are willing to learn and interested in know new things. May be you can say something about the thing that you know which is similar to what the interviewer asked.

6. Write a Thank You letter 

The interviews took their time out of a busy schedule to meet you and interview you. Sending a thank you letter is a great way to show how much appreciated you are and it makes you stand out from the crowd. However, I suggest it is better to not include in your thank you letter anything that seems like you are forcing the interview to choose you.

7. Be patient

Most companies are interviewing a lot of candidates and they have different timelines on their decision process. Give a week to get notified from the recruiter or the interviewer. In case they have not replied you back for over a week, you can send a follow up email asking about the decision timeline.

I wish you all the best! Job hunting is stressful. However, you should take time choosing the right company for you as well. Think positive and be patient. I know you can do this!  Good Luck!





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