Intertwined College and Career Planning With myKlovr

May 5, 2023

High school counselors, we at myKlovr don’t have to tell you that a lot of your students have no clue about what they want to do after graduation. It’s a concern for you, teachers, administrators, and parents. The worry only grows as indecisive learners enter their junior and senior years.

You know traps are involved in encouraging students toward one path or another. Teenagers might feel that they’re being manipulated, or that their opinions don’t matter. This response may make them dig in further and miss out on taking advantage of an important time in their lives.

How do counselors like you help students choose between college and career? Simple – let them research both options with myKlovr. In this article, we’ll discuss how our service – the world’s first artificial intelligence aimed at helping high school students prepare for the future – assists learners with graduating career or college ready.

Exploring Both Paths Simultaneously

myKlovr begins helping your students the moment they finish answering a few interest inventories. We use their responses to recommend careers and colleges aligned with their aspirations.

This information gives students a personalized starting point, one they can use to research possibilities they may never have considered. Reviewing these options privately gives them a sense of agency that discussions with you, teachers, parents, or other adults may not provide.

Although myKlovr encourages some paths over others, it’s up to your students to decide. Many well-paying careers do not require a college education, after all. First- and second-year high school students should explore these opportunities alongside their research into possible two- and four-year colleges.

But how do your students choose? That’s where myKlovr’s long-term planning comes in.

Creating (and Following Through on) Long-Term Goals

Students’ answers to interest inventories let us create a personalized action plan helping them meet the college and career goals we recommend. The plan involves many achievable tasks throughout all four years of high school, such as taking a more difficult class, planning for college tours, and joining an extracurricular activity. When students decide whether to pursue college or a career, they can adjust their action plans accordingly. 

myKlovr does not make your job as a counselor any less important. You become a part of students’ support networks, a collection of trusted adults keeping tabs on learners’ progress, offering advice, and providing assistance when necessary. This feature lets you make the most of your time identifying and helping learners in need.

Final Thoughts

Four years may seem like an eternity to high school students, but it’s a narrow window when these young adults can explore potential paths and prepare for the future. myKlovr provides essential tools helping users make the most of it. Feel free to contact us at for more information about how our service can help you serve your students more effectively.

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