What Does It Mean to Transfer and How Soon Should You Think About It?

May 8, 2018 0 Comment

There are several reasons to transfer colleges: your school is not the right fit; you have completed your general ed requirements and it’s time to dive into your major at a school with a specific program; financially it’s a better choice.

With every college my daughter was considering, I’d remind her she could always transfer. She finally told me to stop suggesting that. For her it was too trantransoon to consider leaving a place she worked so hard to get in to.

I transferred from a state school into my dream school in junior year. During my first two years at state school I took care of most of my general education requirements. It was affordable and gave me time to figure out what I really wanted to study. I could have stayed at the state school, but something in me wanted something different, more rigorous and in NYC. While at state school I lived at home, a ten minute drive to campus. When I tell people what college I went to I always answer with the one I graduated from not the one I transferred from. I don’t think I was ever asked in a job interview if I had transferred or not. It really never mattered. Where I got my diploma from was really all anyone cared about.

According to Inside Higher Ed, more than one third of college students transfer “at least once in six years.” And the New York Times recently reported, “this fall, Princeton will join a growing group of selective colleges that are focusing more on transfer students. The initiative is directed at attracting more low-income students, but middle-class ones are also likely to see benefits.” “To lure students, some two-year colleges are starting to look a lot like their four-year peers, offering study abroad programs, modern dorms and renovated cafeterias.”

I found this list on Transfer Web  with stats on transfer rates of the top fifty colleges and universities. It could be a good gage at which colleges are more open to transfer students.

It’s hard to convince your high school senior that transferring is a good option. They are dazzled by tours and fancy brochures. But if you can live at home for two more years, save money and then apply to your dream school, how great could that be? It was for me.

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