myKlovr: A Solely Assistive Artificial Intelligence

May 5, 2023

High school teachers have a new foe to deal with in their campaign against cheating: ChatGPT.

The artificial intelligence (AI) that’s been all over the news has the potential to provide many benefits, such as detailed explanations of topics (i.e., Compare this feature to the simple list of ranked websites a standard Google search produces.). Yet, as with all technologies, potential downsides exist. Teachers like you are worried that students could use this intuitive software to write essays and complete other assignments.

Now, ChatGPT is still in its infancy, and it’s too soon to know how it will impact education, but we at myKlovr want to take a moment to discuss what sets our AI stands apart. Over the next few paragraphs, we’ll put to bed a few of your concerns about our AI and demonstrate how it can be a valuable tool in helping your students transition to college.

First and Foremost

The good news is that you don’t need to panic about ChatGPT just yet. Sure, it can write an essay about just about anything, but a keen eye like yours will no doubt catch the errors and inconsistencies that make this still nascent technology a poor tool for potential cheaters in your classroom.

However, it’s one more thing to look out for, meaning you have to plan for the inevitable. An open, honest conversation with your students can go a long way in preventing misuse.

But you’ll never have to have that conversation about myKlovr. Here’s why.

How myKlovr’s AI Stands Apart

myKlovr’s philosophy is that AI can be a powerful mentor in uncertain times, such as when applying to college or searching for a job requiring only a high school or vocational education. We provide a unique starting place for all users. Here’s how we do it.

Users begin their myKlovr journey by answering personal, academic, and career-interest questions. Our AI analyzes these responses and provides two essential tools:

  • Personalized Goal Recommendations: These recommendations target the specific areas users need to increase their chances of college admissions or career application success. Users may change these recommendations based on their evolving interests throughout high school and the advice of teachers/parents/counselors like you.
  • Individual Action Plan: The individual action plan is the in-depth guidebook users follow to meet their personalized goal recommendations. myKlovr breaks down these recommendations by grade level, meaning users can benefit as soon as their freshman year of high school. The action plan is tailored to the colleges/careers users select using our Advanced College Finder service. Recommended actions may include:
    • Joining an extracurricular activity.
    • Improving grades in one subject.
    • Taking a more challenging class.

Now that the AI has done its job, it’s the users’ responsibility to do the work. Adults like you can assist your students every step of the way by joining their support network. Once joined, you can measure their progress on action plan goals, review colleges or careers on their shortlist, and offer advice.

How myKlovr Goes Above and Beyond

myKlovr’s AI recommendations are just one part of a package of tools benefiting your students and their families. Our Financial Fitness Module offers in-depth information regarding college financial planning, savings accounts, and the latest student loan advice. Other tools teach users how to create professional social media profiles (e.g., LinkedIn) that will attract prospective employers’ attention.

Final Thoughts

AI, whether it be ChatGPT or myKlovr, AI is a tool, and some tools are easier to misuse than others. We at myKlovr kept this fact at the forefront when making decisions impacting our user experience. Our AI offers a helping hand in addressing some of the most pressing needs impacting high school students and their families. Users are still in the driver’s seat and are ultimately responsible for completing the work necessary for success.

We invite you to visit to learn more about our service and how it can help your students. You can also reach out to us directly at

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