myKlovr and Ethical College Admissions

May 5, 2023

It’s 2023, and the college admissions scandal that began in 2019 is still playing out in US courts. Fortunately, the offenders are facing jail time and fines. However, the stain the scandal left on college admissions remains, changing many high school students’ relationships with the process.

The college admissions scandal brought to light not only individuals’ crimes but also some unfortunate realities surrounding admissions, including the pressure on high-achieving high school students to apply solely to the most well-known colleges and universities. This trend makes the chances of acceptance at one of these institutions incredibly small, a fact that likely prompted the adults caught up in the scandal to break the law.

Schools are trying to reform admissions in many ways, such as through ethical college admissions. This trend can potentially improve how high school students research and apply to schools for the better. Whether you’re a teacher, counselor, or administrator, take a moment to learn more about this movement and how recommending myKlovr to your students can help them find the right school.

Putting Students’ Needs Front and Center

You probably remember taking the SAT or the ACT the first time. It’s likely that if you scored above the median, your mailbox soon found itself stuffed with interest letters from different colleges. It might have felt flattering at the time, but these schools didn’t know a thing about you besides a two- or four-digit score.

This example is just one of many showing how higher education is geared toward attracting the best and brightest with little to no thought about college applicants’ interests and goals. It also breeds the misconception that the most well-known schools can provide the best education to all undergraduates.

As a result, motivated students press themselves to focus solely on these reach schools without ever considering what they actually need. As someone who works in a high school, you already know that this mindset can lead to short- and long-term disappointment/regret.

In steps myKlovr.

At myKlovr, we encourage ethical college admissions by putting students’ needs front and center. Do their academic interests and long-term goals align with what the big-name schools offer? If so, great! If not, just as great! No matter what, we’ll recommend the schools where they can thrive.

And if they’re not interested in going to college right away (or at all), we recommend suitable careers requiring only a high school diploma and some vocational training.

Bringing myKlovr Into the Admissions Conversation

Discussing the college admissions scandal with your students is an excellent way to hear their thoughts on college and future plans. One thing to stress is that the applicants in this story had little to no agency in deciding their futures. Many of your students will likely sympathize, no matter their plans for after high school.

That’s where myKlovr can enter the conversation. Students who use our service gain specialized tools, letting them take a greater amount of control over their lives. Yes, we make recommendations regarding schools/careers, but they can adjust these recommendations as they see fit.

And, of course, adults like you still have a say. The myKlovr support network lets parents, teachers, and counselors provide input and advice. As the saying goes, it takes a village . . . and not just software.

Final Thoughts

myKlovr’s dedication to ethical college admissions extends to offering free accounts to high school students wanting to test drive our service. Please visit to learn more about this and other advantages we can give your learners.

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