myKlovr and Gap Year Planning

May 5, 2023

High school counselors, what do you know about gap years?

If your answer is, “Well, it’s a year off between high school and college,” you’d only be half-right. Yes, a gap year is a delay, but one that’s meant to be a meaningful time of personal growth. And getting your students ready for one . . . it’s just as intensive as preparing them for college admissions.

In this article, we’ll discuss some gap year basics and ideas before diving into how myKlovr can prepare your students for this important period in their lives.

Frequently Asked Questions About Gap Years

What Are Some Options? 

Your students may enroll in immersive foreign language classes, gain work experience in a paid job or internship, or volunteer. Opportunities exist at home and abroad, although the latter can come with a significant price tag.

Who Benefits the Most?

Not to sound vague, but the answer depends on the individual student. You likely know yours well enough to determine who’s ready for college and who needs a little more life experience/growing up/etc. However, even those 100% prepared for college may need a gap year to reexamine their academic and career goals. 

What Will Colleges Think?

If your students have done their research and made the most of their gap year, the experience will be a boon rather than a hindrance to their college applications. We don’t have to tell you that college admissions counselors love unique stories and applicants who take the initiative.

How myKlovr Helps Your Students Prepare for a Gap Year (and Beyond)


myKlovr’s career and college recommendations can help your gap year-bound students plan for a successful 12 months. These options help learners focus on gap year ideas aligned with their unique interests. This advantage takes a lot of the guesswork out of finding the right experience(s). 


A year may seem like a long time, but learners need to make the most of it. myKlovr gives each user a calendar they can use to set goals for their gap year experience. And even though they are no longer your student, you can still offer them advice and encouragement as a member of their personalized support network. 


A gap year lets students complete many milestones, goals, and accomplishments, all things they can put into their myKlovr digital portfolio. Keeping these things secure ensures that they have a wealth of information to pull from when it comes time to write college admission essays.

Resources for You and Your Students

Take your research further by exploring some of these excellent outside resources. Each provides important information and the latest opportunities for young adults.

Final Thoughts

A gap year offers innumerable possibilities that can help your students transition to college and adulthood. We at myKlovr look forward to working with them to turn their dreams into reality. Please visit us at or reach out at for more information.

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