myKlovr: High School and Beyond

May 5, 2023

We at myKlovr set out to provide high school students and their families with an intuitive tool to find the right college or career, explore financial aid, and prepare for adult life. At the time, we focused solely on users’ high school years.

But high school graduation day doesn’t have to be the end of students’ myKlovr journey.

Our services’ tools can assist users well beyond graduation. In this article, we’ll explore how myKlovr can benefit community/junior college students planning to transfer after 1-2 years. We’ll break down these benefits by telling the story of a fictional college student.

So, high school counselors and teachers, settle in and meet Stephanie.

Getting Started in Community College

Just a few months after graduating high school, Stephanie starts classes at the local community college down the road. She’s taking a mix of in-person and online classes to save money and work a part-time job.

Stephanie uses her myKlovr personalized action plan to set academic goals, such as making a B+ or better in all her classes. Setting these goals helps her plan study time around her already busy schedule.

Researching Transfer Schools

Stephanie is doing well in her first semester thanks to her personalized myKlovr action plan. It has helped her keep up to date with all short- and long-term deadlines. As a result, she is ready to start researching transfer schools.

Many of these schools are those myKlovr recommended to Stephanie in high school. However, as her academic and career preferences evolve, so do her recommendations. myKlovr has added a few new four-year schools for her to consider as she begins researching application deadlines and requirements.

At the same time, Stephanie is using myKlovr to research which of her recommended schools offer the best institutional financial aid. Although she is attending community college to save money on a four-year degree, she wants to avoid debt at all costs. Fortunately, many schools on her shortlist offer generous scholarships to transfer students with good undergraduate grades.  

Getting Ready to Apply

Three months out from the first application deadline, Stephanie has three transfer schools that meet her academic, social, and financial needs. While working with her community college’s transfer advisors, she continues to use myKlovr to prepare for admissions success:

  • Ticking off application materials/requirements of each school as she completes them.
  • Using members of her support network (e.g., counselors and community college teachers) for advice and feedback on her admissions essays.
  • Keeping track of outside scholarship application deadlines.

As deadlines approach, Stephanie is calm and collected thanks to myKlovr. She can continue focusing most of her energy on maintaining her grades and preparing for upper-division coursework at her new school.

Final Thoughts

In our scenario, myKlovr helped Stephanie every step of the way as she prepared for transfer to a four-year school. But going to college for the first time is scary, even more so when you know you want to transfer. As a result, you, the high school counselors and teachers, still play a vital role in providing the human touch young people need to chart their path.

We at myKlovr look forward to partnering with you, your school, and your students to give every college- and career-bound learner new tools to promote their long-term success. Please contact us at for more information.

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