How myKlovr Helps High School Students Strengthen Transferable Skills

May 5, 2023

High school teachers, we at myKlovr don’t have to tell you that plenty of your students need assistance with transferable skills essential for college and career success. Also, we know that you’re busy teaching a state- or district-mandated curriculum, one not leaving you with a lot of wiggle room to help learners develop skills curricula writers assume they already know.

So, what’s to be done?

As a former high school teacher, I’ve been in your shoes and felt your frustrations with this issue. I’m also happy to report that myKlovr is much more than an effective college- and career-planning tool. Students using it can improve their transferable skills significantly, as well.

Let’s discuss how different parts of myKlovr can help your learners graduate with the transferable skills colleges and employers expect.

Written Communication

Even your most intelligent students may have trouble getting their thoughts down on paper, putting them at a huge disadvantage when writing a resume or college admissions essay. Some learners need something more than red marks to improve their writing.

myKlovr encourages written communication skills with the support network every learner receives. Your students select trusted adults (e.g., you, their parents, other teachers, and counselors), individuals who gain access to their individualized action plans and goals. Learners use their network for advice/critiques/etc., encouraging them to communicate in a professional way employers and college professors expect.


As students improve their written communication skills by using their support network resources, they gain experience collaborating with a group of adults. Although they make the final decisions regarding their futures, outside input from you and others helps learners make informed ones. 


It’s easy to spot students lacking good organizational skills (e.g., the backpack that looks like a bomb went off inside it), but getting them organized can take a lot of effort.

myKlovr promotes organization in different ways. The first is learners’ digital portfolios. This folder within their myKlovr account contains students’ best academic and extracurricular accomplishments, those they can include in a college application or use as inspiration for an admissions essay or resume. And if you’re part of their support networks, you can offer advice on selecting the best examples that’ll leave colleges or employers impressed.

Another way myKlovr helps learners improve their organizational skills involves the achievable goals we recommend aligning with their career or college goals. An organized calendar lets students keep up with their responsibilities and feel a sense of accomplishment when they complete each one.

Time Management

Time management issues affect even the most dedicated students preparing for college or career. myKlovr helps learners with time management by spreading out the achievable goals mentioned in the previous section over all four years of high school. Of course, students can adjust these goals’ deadlines if they need additional time or feel they can tackle more tasks at once. This flexibility is crucial, as no two young adults are the same.

Final Thoughts

myKlovr is in no way a replacement for what you’re already doing to help students develop good transferable skills. We designed our service to complement the best strategies teachers like you use daily. So, please take some time to visit us online or reach out directly at

We look forward to hearing from you.

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