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September 8, 2021

In 2017, myKlovr set out to fill the college admissions counseling gap, one that exists because the typical U.S. high school employs just one counselor for every 500 students. This deficiency leaves little time for personalized counseling and leads to too many students falling through the cracks. Since then, we have adapted our service to meet college-bound students’ needs by expanding user benefits and working with experts in the education field.

In response to the continuing COVID-19 pandemic, myKlovr wants to partner with outside organizations serving high school-aged students and give these learners a valuable free gift.

What We’re Giving Away

MyKlovr plans to give away 100,000 student memberships at no charge. A membership retails for $17.99/month, meaning that students who receive this benefit save approximately $216 annually.

These 100,000 new student members will enjoy the same personalized assistance and support members who pay the full monthly price receive.

How myKlovr Helps Student Users and Their Families

 The myKlovr experience begins with users completing a series of self-assessments. Our first-of-its-kind artificial intelligence uses these responses to assist learners and their families with college admissions.

Personalized Action Plans and College Recommendations

MyKlovr uses high school students’ answers to our self-assessments to recommend them colleges where they might flourish. We also use this information to provide users with a personalized action plan promoting college admissions success. A plan includes achievable academic and extracurricular goals spread throughout students’ time in high school. Learners may modify this plan as their preferences evolve and circumstances change.   

Support Network

Artificial intelligence is just one of myKlovr’s many features. We encourage all users to develop a support network within the app, trusted adults that may include parents, teachers, and school counselors. The network has two primary benefits for students. First, users can reach out to support network members for advice. Second, network members keep track of users’ progress toward meeting goals. This feature is especially important for busy parents, as they can access a wealth of information about their child at the touch of a button. 

Outside Resources

MyKlovr recommends users many free resources, as well as outside services that may cost an additional fee. They include college admissions essay reviews and tutors. MyKlovr vets these resources in advance so that users know they are receiving the best help at the best price.

Financial Aid

The internet makes searching and applying for scholarships easier than ever, but many prospective college students don’t know where to start. MyKlovr helps users narrow down potential scholarship opportunities and keep track of application deadlines.

Student Portfolio

With many colleges no longer requiring standardized test scores, applicants’ academic and extracurricular performance is more important than ever. However, it takes more than good grades to impress admissions counselors at a top school. To help learners stand out, we encourage them to create a digital student portfolio containing top work samples. Students use these samples to inspire their admissions essays, include them as part of an admissions packet, or give their teachers when requesting a recommendation letter.

Options Other Than College

Not all high school students need to attend a four-year college to find professional success, and that’s okay! MyKlovr provides users with information regarding vocational training programs leading to a certificate or associate degree, as well as information regarding high-paying careers for high school graduates.

Get in Touch

Please contact us directly to learn how a partnership may help students within your organization plan for life after high school. We already work with the Boys and Girls Club of America to help their members prepare for college admissions.

Encourage the students that you know to explore our website and try myKlovr for themselves. We offer a free version with ads. Rest assured that users part of our new 100,000-member promotion will receive the ad-free experience.

We look forward to partnering with you and helping your student members make their post-high school aspirations a reality.

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