The Right School For You

August 22, 2016

By myKlovr

How does one choose the right colleges to apply to?

Well, it certainly can’t be simple. With several hundreds of higher educational institutions, your choices should be limited to about 10.

Here are some tips:

  1. GPA/SAT fit

You don’t want to be a applying to Harvard with a 1.6 and 1200 on your SAT. So, whatever your score, gpa, etc., makw sure you pick colleges that are in your range.

  1. Ranking of desired major

Don’t look at all of those overall rankings. If you want to believe in rankings, do so, but make sure you’re looking at college rankings specific to your major.

  1. Location ‘n’ vibe

These are both really important when making your decision. The ‘right’ fit for you has to include at least a glimpse of the campus, the vibe, and the location (whether it’s in the middle of nowhere or the middle of NYC)

  1. Price

Colleges also differentiate ftom each other by price. Your local community college may be virtually free, while some private colleges cost nearly 70k per year.

  1. The parties

Want to go to MIT? Want to go to a lot of parties? Well, maybe UMiami or University of Florida will be a better choice. Think about what you prioritize when it comes to your college experience. 

  1. Social life

A lot of colleges have a bunch of frats, sororities, clubs etc. This is one of the choices you have to make based on what you want.

  1. Bigger is better

Everyone knows this isn’t always true. You have to feel it out and see what you want.
Just a thought: myklovr helps you identify the right school for you based on your goals and interests?! 

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