The Transition from High School to College

August 12, 2016

By myKlovr

Scholastically, the progression up from secondary school to school isn’t as steep as past moves may have been. Unless a student goes up against an abnormally overwhelming course load, the requests aren’t notably significant.

What is distinctive, and what can trip up first-year university students, is the environment in which learning and concentrating is now occuring. School bears youngsters a level of self-sufficiency they’ve never experienced. Furthermore, in the event that they’re going to a school far from home, they don’t have Mom and Dad standing outside their room as a way to encourage them to go back inside to concentrate on studying for tomorrow’s midterm exam. Most students have the self-control to make the alteration without an excessive amount of trouble, however others get cleared up in the social spin of school life.

Kids can go downhill or drop out in light of the fact that they can’t get sorted sufficiently out to disregard the party on a Sunday evening and go to the library like should. It is all about time management.

Schools, perceiving the potential risks of adolescents living all alone normally demand that new students spend their first year or two living in the on campus housing. A recent report from the Harvard School of Public Health painted an aggravating representation of liquor misuse among U.S. undergrads. Forty-two percent were found to enjoy hitting the bottle hard, which is characterized as expending five beverages in one sitting for men, and four beverages for ladies.

By a long shot, the most elevated rate of over the top drinking was among club and sorority individuals: a stunning 84 percent. The second most elevated rate, 54 percent, was among school competitors. Third most noteworthy were understudies living in coed quarters: 52 percent. Curiously, the rate of hitting the bottle hard among understudies living in off-grounds lodging or in single-sex quarters was lower than the general normal: 40 percent and 38 percent, separately.

These numbers aren’t insignificant. When you start to make your transition to college, remember everything in moderation and your studies come first. Manage your time well, everything in moderation, and remember to have fun.


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