Introducing a next-generation benefit that’s as timely as today’s headlines.

The benefits plans that you offer to businesses are meant for individuals. Real people with real issues and challenges, real hopes and dreams.

That’s why, when you can offer a benefit that addresses those realities in an innovative way, your clients are bound to sit up and take notice.

MyKlovr is a comprehensive platform for educational and career advancement, relevant to the 21st-century needs of any employee, anywhere.

What makes it so relevant to our particular moment? In an age of globalization and automation, every member of the workforce is keenly aware of reconciling two things: the pressing need for education – for themselves and their children – and its rising cost.

Enter myKlovr. A virtual guidance counselor, resource library, college and career coach, tutor and financial advisor for anyone planning an education or pursuing a career, at any point in their life’s journey. Personalized to each participant. Fueled by artificial intelligence. And available online 24/7. Offer it to your clients, and they’ll immediately see its usefulness and flexibility:

It helps them foster the growth of their employees and prepare them for new and upcoming roles in their business – while encouraging retention and loyalty.
It addresses employees’ dreams of paving a path to the future for their kids – keeping students’ eyes on the prize from the 9th grade onwards.
It keeps financial wellness at the heart of the process, offering achievable options and financing alternatives (loans, scholarships, grants) that make the road to success affordable.

Offer a new benefit that has tangible rewards for everyone in the value equation – and you’ll be rewarded as well.

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