Lifelong learning gets a brand new face.
With a big new brain.

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    myKlovr puts a college and career advisor in any student’s pocket. Available 24/7.

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    Member Organizations

    myKlovr is a game-changing service that supports all the 21st-century educational needs of members & their families.

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    Benefits Brokers

    myKlovr adds a groundbreaking benefit to your arsenal, and elevates your entire client offering.

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    Students & Families

    myKlovr supports & energizes every learning journey, from the college search through a long career.

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Help your people take the shortest path to their brightest future.

myKlovr puts a smart coach & advisor in their pockets. 24/7.
Fueled by AI & the distilled wisdom of thousands of college and career counselors.

• myKlovr is a transformative tool for anyone planning their education or pursuing a career, at any point in life’s journey

• Whether you’re a 9th grader just starting to muse about college, or an experienced employee looking to acquire credentials for a new role

• myKlovr guides you to assess your talents, explore personalized education and career options, and discover relevant, affordable – and achievable – paths to success.


Offering myKlovr benefits your people & their families. For a lifetime.

myKlovr is available to individuals through benefits providers of every type, from employers to membership organizations to brokers & insurers.

The college and career journey starts here.

College counseling. Career certifications. Vocational training. Management degrees. More.

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