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At MyKlovr, we understand that as a high school student or as a working parent, it can be difficult to figure out which college is best for you or your child. That is why we have created a college finder tool that holistically matches colleges based on academic, financial, and campus lifestyle preferences. Our college finder is specifically designed to simplify finding the right school for all high school students. Parents will also benefit from using this tool to narrow down the perfect university for your child. Whether you want to know which colleges accept specific SAT or ACT scores, or if you are interested in seeing which universities offer particular majors, we have you covered. Our goal is to make getting into college a fun and easy experience, and this tool is one of the first steps in doing so.

Below are examples of what our tool has to offer.

Campus Life

Being involved in various campus activities is one way to add value to a student’s overall college experience. Our college finder has a feature that can help students and parents find which schools offer activities such as club sports, student government, or whether a university has a radio or tv station.

Campus Housing

After a full day of studying and enjoying what campus life has to offer, you are going to need a home base to recharge for the next day. On-campus, Sorority and Fraternity, International, single gender, and even Disabled-student housing are all searchable options with our tool.

Scholarship and Tuition

Curious which In-State and Out-Of-State universities offer tuition at a specific price range? Look no further – MyKlovr’s college finder tool will display which schools require a specific tuition based on the range that best fits you. Our tool also can narrow down which schools offer financial aid through various scholarships and grants. Finding a college at the right price has never been easier.


If you have a specific college major in mind, we will help you find which schools offer what you are looking for. Our tool takes it one step further and showcases what schools you have the best chance of getting accepted to by specifying your ACT/SAT scores and GPA.


Let’s say you are just beginning your search for the right college for you. At this stage, you may only know you are interested in attending a 4-year institution in a particular state. Whether your search is highly specific or general, our college finder tool will assist you in finding a school that meets your criteria.