What is myKlovr?

myKlovr puts the counseling and coaching wisdom of hundreds of college and career advisors into anyone’s pocket. Available online, 24/7.

It supports college search, vocational training, professional development, career advancement, and financial wellness. Driven by AI, and personalized to each user.

Available as a benefit offered by employers and organizations, either partially or fully paid by them. Or on a voluntary after-tax basis paid by employees and members.

Benefits for Your Organization

  • Unique educational resource for your employees’ families
  • 70% of employee parents are concerned about their children’s college future
  • 88% of employees are more productive when their family’s needs are addressed
  • 82% of employees feel more loyal to the employers who offer myKlovr
  • Very high perceived value of the myKlovr benefit (5-7 times of its actual cost)

The Demand for myKlovr College Counseling

  • 90% of 15 million domestic high school students plan to go to college
  • Bachelor’s degree holders earn $22,000/year more than high-school graduates
  • Increasing competitiveness of admissions with 850 applications per admissions officer
  • High school counselors are over-stretched and do not have the necessary resources
  • Private college counseling at $3,500 – $5,000 is too expensive for most families

Flexible and easy-to-manage program

Employers can structure their after-tax program to share as much or as little of the cost with their employees as they choose.

It requires minimum implementation, onboarding, and maintenance from the company HR team.

What Makes myKlovr a Unique HR Benefit?


Through my career, I’ve looked at many benefits outside of health-related that can be offered to employees with little cost to the firm or the employee. This brings me to myKlovr. Given the price of the product and the services it provides, it’s a no-brainer.

– Stan Friedman
Former Head of HR, Fortress Investments
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