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The employees of the 21st century are different from the previous generations, and employers face new challenges:

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    The worries of getting a child into college

    Did you know that most parents are concerned about their children’s college choices?

    Additionally, they do not know how to help their children improve their academic performance, including their ever-important SAT / ACT scores. An even bigger concern on their minds today is how they will pay for college without incurring a massive student loan burden.

    Approximately 70% of employees who have high school-aged college-bound children are very or extremely concerned about college-related challenges and more than 50% recognize that they should be more involved in getting their child ready for college.

The first ever HR benefit focusing on educational planning

To find solutions to these obstacles, myKlovr developed a first-of-its-kind virtual college counseling platform. The research that we conducted in 2017 demonstrated that over one-third of working adults would forgo a part of their salary to ensure that their high school-aged children had access to our virtual college advisor. It is an invaluable tool that addresses a common concern among parents and that you can seamlessly incorporate into your company’s benefits package.

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    How employees benefit from a virtual college advisor

    When you provide myKlovr to your employees, they gain a powerful platform to help their children through what is often a confusing and stressful time. Our virtual advisor delivers personalized guidance and connects students to their teachers, parents, and counselors. We help students and their families with college research, academic priorities, out-of-school activities, financial planning, and college applications.

  • How companies benefit from a virtual college advisor

    MyKlovr college counseling platform is very relevant to parents of high school-aged college-bound students, who are the core employee demographic of ages 35-55. MyKlovr can help differentiate your employer “value proposition,” and thus increase your attractiveness in the employer marketplace. As a result, you will be able to attract more high-quality candidates and reduce your recruitment cost.

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    Money well-spent

    The base corporate rate for myKlovr virtual college counseling is $17.99 / student / month and further, major discounts are available for corporate licenses. According to the research conducted in 2017, the perceived value of the myKlovr benefit is as high as $150 / month, offering a unique Return-On-Investment of at least 7 times.

    We are confident about the service that we provide and fully committed to making every child’s journey to college a success. That is why we offer the myKlovr Promise College Acceptance – a money-back guarantee for students who use myKlovr and aren’t admitted to any college.*

    MyKlovr College Acceptance Promise is made possible by a Contractual Liability Insurance Policy issued to Student Global LLC d/b/a myKlovr by AXA XL Insurance.

    * Terms and conditions apply

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    Flexible and easy-to-manage program

    Employers can structure their after-tax program to share as much or as little of the cost with their employees as they choose. It requires minimum implementation, onboarding, and maintenance from the company HR team.

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    Recruit best graduate employees

    Our artificial intelligence, married with our data-rich student base will soon enable companies to identify talent who best fit their needs and culture. Not to mention reducing recruiting costs, and the organizations average cost per hire.

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