High School Students

Imagine every high school student had a personal college and career counselor. Utterly devoted to their future success. And available 24/7.

In a world where the pursuit of college and career grows more complex and competitive by the day, myKlovr answers an acute need for high school students and their families.

Simply and affordably, it puts a dedicated counselor into every student’s pocket. Then, through the power of artificial intelligence, it helps each individual navigate their own journey to success – learning about student strengths and preferences, offering timely reminders and suggestions, tapping into a wealth of data and resources to help transform a blur of options into a “best-fit” scenario to realize college and career aspirations.

Available on any computer, tablet, or smartphone, myKlovr inspires the success of high school students by:


Guiding students – as early as the 9th grade – towards thinking clearly about their college options and career interests
It addresses employees’ dreams of paving a path to the future for their kids – keeping students’ eyes on the prize from the 9th grade onwards.
Connecting students with relevant college programs and employment opportunities across industries and professions

College and Career Assessment

An inviting, easy-to-complete test helps guide students in a thoughtful direction for their career and education – based on genuine interests and potential, and practical paths to achievement.

Personalized Plan and Step-by-Step Recommendations

Based on your assessments and profile, myKlovr gives you a personalized plan for what to focus on to gain college admission. Compare and tailor plans for different tiers and types of colleges. Then track your progress on our custom dashboard.

Academic Coaching for Athletes

A balanced evaluation of both athletic stats and educational background helps coach athletes toward best-fit schools and careers.

Test Preparation

Our online tools teach invaluable skills for studying, taking – and improving scores – on standardized admissions tests.

Virtual Tutoring

Face-to-face tutoring, online, with live instructors on a complete range of subjects.

Essay Writing

Learn how to write a persuasive essay that stands apart from the crowd by expressing the real you – and grabs the attention of everyone on the admissions committee.

Portfolio Preparation

Easily collect everything you’ll need for your college applications, in one accessible place. MyKlovr helps you build a multimedia portfolio that tells your story – and elevates you as a candidate.

Summer Programs

Comprehensive guidance on summer courses that give students a leg up on the next phase of their college or career experience.


Get matched with practical, real-life work opportunities that offer the experience you need to join the workforce.

Financial Planning

Prepare for a viable future with financial assessment counseling. Determine which schools, trades, certificates, and paths you should take to get to your dream career – on a budget you can manage.

Financial Aid Advising

Gain invaluable advice on which loans and funding programs are right for you. Make sure your college experience is obtained at the best possible cost.

Scholarships and Grants

Let us scour the world for funding sources that can make a difference in financing your education. Get matched for scholarships and grants based on special interests, athletics, academics, ethnicity, locality – and some hard-to-find sources you may never have imagined.

Supportive Networking

Invite your parents, and soon also you teachers, college counselor and tutors, to join your virtual Mentors team so they can work hand in hand with you to help increase your chances of getting into the college of your dreams.

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