For High School Students

Thinking of your chances of getting into college? Does your high school college counselor have a few hundred advisees to assist? Are your parents worried about how to pay for college? It can all feel very overwhelming. MyKlovr has so many tools designed specifically to help you.

Personalized virtual college counseling for every student

MyKlovr was created to make your life easier.

Its artificial intelligence enabled, college counselling tools help you find a college, the right one just for you. We help you plan your path to college admissions, break it down into manageable pieces, and deliver the results to you in an organized fashion.

MyKlovr’s virtual counselor uses the experience of other college bound students to show you how to create and adapt the tools for your individual needs and preferences.

Holistic college application approach

We know it is not only about grades.

College admissions officers are looking for both intellectual and personal qualities that make a college bound student special. These special qualities are reflected within your school or community involvement, extracurricular activities, etc.

Your virtual college advisor helps you unlock your full potential, and enhance your myKlovr profile showing what an outstanding and individualized college candidate you have developed into.

Fun, rewards and recognition

And as you progress you should also have some fun along the way.

Watch your results skyrocket, compare yourself to other college bound students, and even collect achievement badges throughout your myKlovr journey.

As you take this amazing path, you are able to collect award points, which are redeemable for all sorts of cool stuff in the myKlovr marketplace.

Supportive Networking

Invite your parents, teachers, and your college counselor to join your virtual Mentors team so they can work hand in hand with you, every step of the way, to help increase your chances of getting into college of your dreams.