HR Professionals

Show your employees you care about their future.

Offer myKlovr as a benefit to to your employees, and you empower them to explore and identify the best possible education and career options for themselves – and the people they care about most.

Dream colleges and careers for their kids.

90% of parents say their children’s education is of the utmost importance. Yet most find it difficult to navigate the complex college application process – and busy parents struggle to stay engaged in their children’s education planning. Private college counseling, costing thousands of dollars, is far too expensive for the average American family.

Your employees’ financial wellness is at the heart of the myKlovr benefit. It helps employees create a smart and affordable education strategy for their kids, serving student goals and ambitions without luring families into unmanageable debt.

Dreams of advancement through your company.

Every business is a community, and every community wants to see its members reach their fullest potential. MyKlovr is an empowering tool for each employee in your business, offering assessments, advice and tools to fill education gaps, gain certifications, improve management skills, and ultimately rise through your organization for everyone’s mutual benefit.
Bring out the best in your people, and you earn loyalty that helps retain and develop your most talented hands, hearts, and minds.

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