Terms of the myKlovr Promise

If you or a single student of whom you are the parent or legal guardian (“you”, “your”):

a) supply myKlovr.com with the actual senior year GPA you report to colleges in your applications (“Final GPA”),

b) supply myKlovr.com with the actual combined SAT or ACT Total score that you earned and that you report to colleges in your applications (“Final SAT/ACT”),

c) apply within one twelve-month-span to nine or more colleges of the tier that myKlovr.com assigns to you on the basis of your Final GPA and Final SAT/ACT (“Assigned Tier”, “Qualifying Applications”),

d) are not offered admission to any college of your Assigned Tier or a more selective tier (according to myKlovr’s college tier lists) considering that placement on a “wait list” is neither a notice of admission or denial, and

e) remain a paying member of the myKlovr service without interruption until you have received notice of the admit/decline decision of each of your Qualifying Applications,

f) submit your claim for the Promise benefit within three months of when the last of your Qualifying Application decision letters are mailed to you but not later than twelve months of when you submit the first of your Qualifying Applications.;

then Student Global, LLC, the operator of myKlovr.com, will refund to you the total of all website access fees you paid to myKlovr.com for the myKlovr.com web-based college admission advising service, excluding fees for other goods and services such as books, tutoring, test-prep programs, financial advisory services, etc.), all with respect to the myKlovr.com account of the applying student (“Benefit”), and subject to your submitting a complete, truthful, signed claim form.

To qualify for the Benefit, you must:

  • Be a paid myKlovr member from at least the time you submit your college applications until you receive the last of the admit/decline notices you received from the colleges you applied to;
  • Confirm that the GPA you supplied to us when we assigned your college tier is your actual weighted cumulative high-school GPA covering 9th grade until the last marking period completed prior to the date of your first Qualifying Application, and is the actual GPA you supplied to colleges on your applications;
  • Confirm that the SAT or ACT scores you supplied to us when we assigned your college tier is the actual SAT or ACT score you earned and that you supplied to colleges on your applications;
  • Supply a list of at least nine colleges that you successfully applied to, that were in the tier we assigned to you, and that were submitted to colleges within the span of 365 days (by “successfully applied” we mean that the applications were complete; submitted by each college’s deadline date, if applicable; received by the college they were sent to; included required supporting material such as transcripts, test scores, essays, and letters of recommendation; included necessary application fees; and were not otherwise rejected by the receiving college before being evaluated for a possible offer of admission);
  • Supply true copies of letters of rejection from at least nine colleges of the tier you were assigned to, which letters should have been received within 365 days of the last of your qualifying applications;
  • File a complete, accurate, written, signed claim, within three months from the date of the last notice of rejection you receive from among your nine qualifying applications or one year after you submitted the last of your qualifying applications, whichever date is later.
  • Authorize Student Global to obtain an official copy of your high school transcript or summary statement of your GPA from each high-school school you attended from 9th grade onward;
  • Authorize Student Global to obtain an official copy of your SAT or ACT scores as submitted with your college applications;
  • Provide true copies of at least nine letters of rejection from colleges in the tier you were assigned to;
  • Affirm that you were not offered admission to any other college of the same tier or better (according to myKlovr’s tier list) and that all your statements in the claim are true; and
  • Submit written claim form bearing a legally binding signature, sent by first-class mail, postage paid (certified, return receipt is strongly encouraged), to the address we indicate.

Student Global will review your claim materials and will, within 180 days, either approve your claim and issue you a check in an amount equal to all myKlovr.com web-service fees you have paid for the covered student, or deny your claim and supply an explanation for the denial.

In the event of any dispute regarding coverage, documentation, claim denial, or other matters, the laws of the state of New York shall apply, and all disputes which cannot be settled between you and Student Global directly within 90 days shall be subject to settlement before a single arbitrator under the rules of the American Arbitration Association, with hearings to be conducted in New York City, New York.

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