For Parents

Being a parent is the most important job in the world. No technology will ever replace it. You want your child to achieve so many wonderful things, achieve more than you have. A college education is that gateway which will open so many possibilities for them.

But the college admissions process is more complex than it has ever been — so how do you know what to do to give your children the best odds of success when applying for colleges? MyKlovr is the virtual college advisor for parents that helps not just meet application deadlines, but also helps your child meet goals to give them a better chance of being accepted into the schools of their dreams. It’s the guidance you need, and it’s available 24/7.

Getting your kid into college

You want to help your child succeed in life, and you know that begins with the best education you can provide. But assisting your child throughout the college process can be extremely stressful and challenging for parents, especially those who have never attended college or graduated a couple of decades ago! There is a multitude of options when it comes to the college application process, and it is difficult to navigate them all. You can rely on your child’s college counseling expert at school, but they are stretched to their max advising and assisting hundreds of other college bound students. And then there is the crucial topic of how to pay for college. If only you had more time, more money and knew better what is best for your child.

MyKlovr College Acceptance Promise

Parents are ready to make every effort and sacrifice to ensure that their children maximize their talents and enter their adult life with the best possible education to be successful. At myKlovr we are fully committed to helping you and your child. We appreciate the trust that our users put in myKlovr.

That is why myKlovr makes this unique Promise to you and your family:

We will return to you all the fees paid for the myKlovr subscription if your child is not admitted to any college from a tier that matches his or her profile.*

MyKlovr College Acceptance Promise is made possible by the first-ever educational, contractual liability insurance policy that AXA XL Insurance designed specifically for Student Global LLC.

* Terms and conditions apply

Introducing myKlovr to the rescue

  • Virtual college advisor for every family

    MyKlovr’s college counseling tool guides you and your child throughout the college admissions process. MyKlovr’s virtual college advisor enables you to formulate a personalized plan for your college bound children, and offers you specific recommendations which fuel their progress. You receive the help required, allowing you to remain in control. And through the myKlovr Marketplace, you will soon be able to find tutors, courses and other resources to help your child improve their skills and competencies that they need.

  • Stay involved, always

    Don’t have time to check up on your child’s homework or progress every night? MyKlovr homework and goal management functionality will soon help your high school student develop the independence and responsibility needed for success in their undergraduate years of college, grad school and life. At the same time, your virtual counselor allows you to remain involved every step of the way even remotely.

  • Supportive network for your child

    The myKlovr student profile is where your child builds their showcase portfolio for college admissions. It is also a hub that will bring together adults who are supporting and advising high school students in the pursuit of their goals throughout the college application process – parents, teachers, their college counselor.

  • Parenting is the hardest job in the world. MyKlovr makes it just a little bit easier.

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