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In the last few years, PEOs & HROs have faced three challenges as their clients’ workforces have evolved:

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    Evolving Workplace and Employee Expectations

    On average, over 70% of employees expect their employers to be supportive of their families’ needs.

    Approximately 80% expect to reciprocate with higher productivity, commitment, and loyalty.

    Many companies struggle to retain their best-performing employees and seek to offer a range of employee benefits that support this purpose. Millennials, who will make up one-third of the workforce by 2020 and three-quarters of it by 2025, are the most difficult employees to retain. These results demonstrate that employers have to look beyond their factory or office floor to rise to the challenges of the modern workplace.

To remain competitive among small and mid-sized businesses, your PEO/HRO must offer clients benefit packages that address these issues. To meet this growing need, myKlovr has developed the world’s first virtual college advisor. It is an invaluable tool that you can seamlessly incorporate into your clients’ benefits packages.

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    How Your Clients Benefit From a Virtual College Advisor

    Employees gain a powerful platform to not only become better parents, but more effective workers. Our virtual counselor provides personalized guidance and connects students to their teachers, parents, and counselors. Employers benefit from enhanced employer attractiveness improving their recruitment efforts, increased employee productivity and retention. Employee turnover decreases, not only saving companies money, but also giving them the advantage of employing a group of seasoned professionals.

  • How your PEO/HRO benefits from a virtual college advisor

    By adopting myKlovr, you can offer current and potential clients a unique, first-of-its-kind benefit. As your clients see positive changes in their employees, their increased satisfaction with your services will lead to renewed contracts. When advertising your services to potential clients, you will be able to truthfully say that your benefits packages meet an unfulfilled requirement of the growing millennial workforce. When compared to other employee benefits available in the market, the virtual college advisor ranks similarly to child care subsidies and employee assistance programs (EAP).

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    Superb ROI and source of incremental revenue

    Our research proves that the perceived value of the myKlovr virtual counseling platform is over 7 times its actual cost, offering an outstanding return on your investment. The reason for this substantial return is our AI-driven recommendation algorithms, which can provide college guidance at a fraction of the cost of traditional, face-to-face college counseling.

    The myKlovr virtual college advisor as a PEO/HRO partner can generate a new, stable revenue stream for you.

    In summary, as myKlovr increases employees’ loyalty to your clients, it will also increase your clients’ loyalty to you.

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