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MyKlovr Premium-Plus

Improve your college readiness with a dedicated counselor for just $99.99/mo!

Get All the Benefits of myKlovr Premium and:

  • 1-hour per month with a dedicated counselor
    Get 1-hour per month of online, face-to-face, Individual college counseling with an experienced myKlovr counselor to complement your digital-prep.
  • Add-on hours with a counselor
    Acquire on-demand, extra hours with your dedicated college counselor so that you get all the help you need to become the best college applicant you can be.
  • Discounted counseling fee per hour
    With myKlovr, you have access to add-on college counseling hours at a special rate, well below market prices. And you are not bound by a multi-hour package commitment.

Frequently Asked Questions

All myKlovr college counselors have been carefully selected through strict interview and background checking processes. They have many years of college counseling experience. They have been in-school college counselors, college admissions officers or independent college counselors. They are experienced in all aspects of college counseling.

Yes. Within 24 hours after you have signed-up to Premium-Plus, you will receive by email a list of college counselor profiles that we have pre-selected for you. You will choose a counselor who best meets your expectations by responding to our email indicating your counselor selection.

When you respond to our email containing the list of pre-selected college counselors, please indicate which of them you want to work with, and we will ask this counselor to contact you by email within 48 hours. Very infrequently it may happen that a college counselor who you have selected will not be available. In such cases, we will ask you to choose a different counselor.

Your Premium-Plus subscription includes one hour of college counseling with a dedicated counselor each month. Once you are in contact with your counselor, you will agree on the date and time that best suits both of your availability. This scheduling is very flexible as it must meet your needs.

All the counseling sessions take place face-to-face online. You and your dedicated college counselor will agree if you want to use Skype, Zoom, Facetime, or any other technology. What you cover during these sessions also depends on what you and your dedicated counselor agree on. A counselor will guide you but make sure that you tell them what your expectations are early on in the process.

MyKlovr counselors have experience in all aspects of college counseling. Their guidance will depend on your grades, your academic performance, your college ambitions, etc. Based on that, as well as on the virtual college guidance that you receive from myKlovr, they will help you prepare and implement a plan to maximize your chances of succeeding in the college admissions process. Your dedicated college counselors will help you determine your application strategy, organize your college planning, take required testing, and assist in the application process and materials. Additionally, our counselors will support you in writing your application essays, building a strong application portfolio, helping you select which colleges you will apply to, and advising you on which admission and financial aid is best for you. They will not do anything that is unethical, like writing an application essay for you.

Yes. Even though we have full confidence about our counselors’ qualifications and skills, sometimes the match may not be ideal, and a specific counselor’s style may not be right for you. You can request a change of counselor at any time. Just send us an email. We will provide you with a new list of available, pre-selected college counselors from which you can choose a person that you want to work with. We will also inform your previous counselor that they will not be working with you any longer.

Our college counselors have experience working with students who may have very different needs and can adapt their counseling approach accordingly. However, on occasion it may happen that a counselor will not be able, or will not be willing, to continue working with a student. When this happens myKlovr will manage the transition to a new counselor to minimize the disruption.

If you simply don’t like a counselor’s style and approach, you can change your counselor, but you will not receive a refund. However, if a counselor does not deliver a properly scheduled counseling session or does not deliver against their duties in any other material way, we will refund $80 (+ tax if applicable in your state) of the last month of your Premium-Plus subscription. This is the difference between the cost of Premium-Plus and Premium subscriptions.

Just send us an email requesting a specific number of extra hours that you want to purchase. We will charge the credit card that you have provided and inform your dedicated counselor that they can schedule these additional sessions with you.

Only our Premium-Plus subscribers can purchase extra college counseling hours for $80 (+ tax if applicable in your state) per hour. This rate is well below the market average, a real value that myKlovr can provide.

MyKlovr will not keep track of your sessions schedule. You can agree with your dedicated counselor to postpone a session. For example, you may have no session in March and two sessions in April instead. However, at the end of a month myKlovr assumes that this month’s session has taken place unless you have informed us otherwise due to your dedicated counselor’s fault. You can’t skip sessions, accumulate them, and then request a refund.

If you don’t show up for your session, you can’t expect a refund or a makeup session. This is because your dedicated college counselor has reserved this time for you, and they could not do anything else in that time. If anything happens that may stop you from attending your counseling session, always let your dedicated counselor know about it well in advance. They will make their best effort to reschedule it.

If for any reason you are not going to need counseling sessions, you can cancel your Premium-Plus subscription and go back to Premium. This will not affect your experience with the virtual college counseling at all. However, you will lose access to your dedicated college counselor. If you want to re-start your Premium-Plus subscription with the same college counselor later, we will try to coordinate your request, but we can’t guarantee their availability.

If you decide to cancel your Premium-Plus subscription, just send us an email. We will schedule the cancellation from the following billing period and set you up as a Premium user.

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