For Public & Private High Schools

Running a school is a rewarding, yet very demanding endeavor. Your mission is to guide each and every child to a successful and fulfilling life. But with often-stretched resources and the ever-changing education curriculum, as well as an increased competition, it can be hard to break out of the one-size-fits-all mold.

Helping students go to college

Early college counseling is the key to a successful college admissions process, which greatly impacts a school’s reputation.

With hundreds of advisees per college counselor, it can be overwhelming to personally understand the needs of every student, and provide them with individualized guidance. This is where myKlovr can help.

AI enabled tool for college counselors

We bring an artificial intelligence enabled, college advisor platform to help both your students and your college counseling teams achieve the highest levels, with the limited time and resources that they have.

Based on a suite of academic, personal, and even professional assessments, myKlovr’s virtual counselor identifies opportunities for each and every student to increase their chances of getting into college, which then can be reviewed and applied with their college counselor.

  • Personalized recommendations

    While our virtual college advisor crunches tons of internal and external data to produce a personalized path to college admissions, a HS college counselor leverages their humanistic experience and expertise more efficiently.

  • Performance visualization

    MyKlovr’s college counseling platform will soon come with a detailed progress tracking functionality for students, as well as in the form of consolidated dashboards that provide college counselors with real-time oversight of their college bound advisee’s performance.

  • Parents and teachers teams

    MyKlovr network connects college bound students, their families, teachers, counselors, and a select group of friends, providing them with a single source communication solution, benefiting all parties during the college admissions process.

Leverage Your Own Data

Additionally, myKlovr extensive datasets and proprietary data analysis capabilities can assist schools by improving their enrollment, retention, ranking, and attrition rates.