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Get life-changing guidance for you and your family. MyKlovr is a personal at-home college & career counselor for high school students and their families. We help families save money and answer tough questions with confidence.

This benefit is provided by Suffolk County Municipal Employee Benefit Fund and is available to your entire extended family. There is no additional cost to activate your account today and begin building your plan for success.

College & career planning made easy











* This benefit is provided to your family by the Fund. There is no cost to activate your account 

Planning for a student to attend college or start a career is one of the most important financial decisions a family makes apart from buying a home. MyKlovr provides personalized expert guidance, helping families answer important questions, compare options, and approach their decision with confidence.

Build a personalized plan for success

-  Attend college or enter the workforce immediately after graduation. 

-  Explore 4-Year Universities, 2-Year Colleges, Career & Technical Education. 

-  Start as early as 9th Grade.

-  Powered by expert advice from dozens of Admissions Counselors and Experts.

-  1000’s of internship & volunteer opportunities. 

-  Over $100 Million in scholarship & grant opportunities

A benefit to share with the entire family.

We encourage members to share their myKlovr benefit with their extended family.

Have a cousin, sibling, niece, nephew, godson, or a step-cousin twice removed that will be in 9th to 12th grade?

Activate your myKlovr account today and help them unlock their potential.

* This benefit is provided to your family by the Fund. There is no cost to activate your account 

How MyKlovr Helps Students 

Looking at College

Follow Victoria’s journey from 9th to 12th grade towards college.

Build your portfolio

We look beyond GPA and SAT’s to build a student portfolio that truly represents YOU – that includes hobbies, extracurriculars, personality attributes, career paths, emotional intelligence and more.

Define your Goals

Our patented Artificial Intelligence was trained on the knowledge, experience, and wisdom of dozens of college advisors, admissions officials, teachers, and experts.

Starting in 9th grade, the AI compares your student portfolio with thousands of possible goals and objectives to deliver a custom list of Personal, Academic and Career Goals tailored to help you succeed!

Create your College Plan

Students can explore over 6800 schools to build your application list. Watch student-led videos and search 1000s of internships to round out the summers.

Boost your chances of admission at top choice schools.

Like having your own personal college advisor. From 9th through 12th grade, myKlovr works with proactively with students to help them become the best applicant they can be. Over time, students watch reach schools become match, match become safety – and their college dreams become reality

Match with life-changing scholarships

Your myKlovr membership allows you to access the #1 college scholarship app in the world that has helped students win more than $100 million dollars. The patented scholarship matching algorithm matches students with life-changing scholarships based on interests, accomplishments and unique traits.

Your Future Starts Here!

Navigate the entire college preparation process with confidence. Activate your account today
and start receiving life-changing expert guidance for your family from myKlovr

How myKlovr helps Students

entering the workforce

Follow Mara’s journey to find their best-fit career following graduation from high school.

Start with a simple assessment

Completed in less than 2 minutes, our patented visual-based assessment uses the power of artificial intelligence to map your personality profile.

Enable job discovery, not job search

Like Netflix recommends movies, our artificial intelligence maps personality traits to and career paths. Each student receives personalized career matches.

Explore Career & Technical Education

Know your options. Explore our database of over 3000 community college and career & technical education programs. Search by tuition, specialty, drive-time from home, financial aid, and much more.

Match with workplace opportunities

Jumpstart your workplace experience by exploring our database of 1000s of in-person and virtual internships and volunteer opportunities.

Showcase your performance potential to employers

62% of Employers say including myKlovr behavioral assessment score in an application would make them “more willing to interview”. 61% say it would make a student “stand out” among other similarly qualified candidates.

Your Journey Starts Today!

Is your student planning to enter the workforce immediately after high school graduation? MyKlovr offers real-world actionable guidance to help launch a promising career. We help students and families across the nation expand opportunities, land interviews, and plan a brighter future. 

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