For Tutors & Vendors

Education and personal development is a huge and incredibly fragmented market, lacking uniform standards. It is very hard to navigate for consumers, and even more difficult for vendors to promote their goods and services within an engaged, consumer-centric audience.

Unique educational marketplace

MyKlovr’s artificial intelligence enabled college counseling platform brings together students, their parents, and schools, working hand in hand to increase student’s chances of getting into a college of their dreams.

However, often some extra help is needed along the way to deal with individual issues that encounter many students. This is where myKlovr Marketplace comes into assist.

Better targeting leads to better sales

MyKlovr’s virtual college advisor, leverages holistic assessments to identify college bound students in need of your specific services. Our Marketplace connects tutors, schools, courses, coaches, advisors, and vendors of all sorts rooted within the field of education & development with the best prospects, at the right time, making this an authentic point of purchase for both vendor and consumer.

MyKlovr’s platform leverages extensive customer and product usage data to continuously expand your customer reach, make more efficient your consumer targeting, and substantially improve your conversion rates with high levels of engagement.

We welcome vendors of educational goods and services.