For your high-school age children: myKlovr Student

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    Get into the best possible college with 24x7 personalized, automated advice, starting from grade 9

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    If college is not on your child’s path, get solid advice and resources for vocational training and a high-paying job right out of high school

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    Access valuable tools to find scholarships, grants, and free sources of money for college tuition

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    Learn about careers and college majors so your student starts with the end in mind

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  • Screenshot: Access core functions and additional resources from the dashboard
  • Screenshot: Explore your personal strengths in 'Career Discovery'
  • Screenshot: Discover careers based on your skills and interests
  • Screenshot: Get detailed career recommendations
  • Screenshot: Learn which colleges you should apply to
  • Screenshot: Find colleges that match your needs
  • Screenshot: Build the target list of colleges you'll apply to
  • Screenshot: Gather your academic and activities data and have it ready for college applications
  • Screenshot: Recommended goals help you focus on the most important improvemements you can make
  • Screenshot: Each recommended goal comes with a detailed action plan, track your progress
  • Screenshot: Everything you need to know about saving for college and financial aid
  • Screenshot: Learn how to use social media to increase your chances of college admission

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myKlovr Student was a great solution for us. The college application process has changed so much we felt lost trying to help our teens. We can't afford a private counselor, and the kids aren't getting what they need from school.
— Ted and Nancy C.

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